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Welcome to DSK, breeding for GREAT family pets that look like big bad bruisers, but are really just teddy bears.  I am Mike Tucker and I love everything about these Bulldogs.  Yes, our dogs do have the big blocky heads and thick bone and muscle mass, however their temperaments are really what our customers love the most.  These big scary dogs on the outside are really just happy-go-lucky clowns on the inside!  They wouldnt hurt a flea.  The looks of our dogs speak for themselves, but I want the folks that visit this site to know that it is our dogs personalities that people fall in love with over and over again. 

Our dogs are like none of the others. They are truly unique, and we are very proud of all of them. These dogs are what I live for, and they are truly my passion. I have over 20 years of experience in dogs, and I have found OUR Bulldogs to be man's best of friends.




My goals here are to produce, train, and compete with our dogs. My mission, my campaign, and my ambition is to continue enjoying these AMAZING ANIMALS and help others do the same.  The dogs that I now have are some of the finest examples of the breed today. 


Stunning to Look at...
When we take our dogs out in the public, people are blown away by their appearance. These dogs are so handsome and beautiful, it makes it easy for people to brag on them.


2012 looks to be our greatest year ever for our program, and the dogs that we will produce will be unsurpassed in quality. If you would like more information about our dogs or planned breedings, feel free to contact us. We can ship puppies worldwide.


Our Dogs: 
For Affection and Protection
... My dogs want to be your buddy, where you go they want to go. So they are selected for great movement and athleticism. I wouldn't have it any other way. My dogs are of superb temperament. They are family dogs, not kennel dogs.  There are no wild, hyper, out-of-control dogs here.

Our Bulldog Puppies
Our pups are family raised, and kid-tested. I have four children, and if the pups make it through them with any sanity, you will have a very well socialized, level-headed companion for life! We have 10 acres of wooded land that the dogs and puppies romp, hunt, and exercise on as well.


In the decades that I have been breeding dogs,  I have worked very hard on my breeding program for generations to ensure that my dogs are  the highest quality companions possible with superior genetics that will be passed along in any dog that I sell.

My dogs and their progress get an ongoing, daily evaluation from me.  To make the cut in my breeding program, they have had to live up to the most demanding of criteria and pass the most strenuous tests.  I am very proud of doing things this way – knowing that I have not cut any corners, or taken any shortcuts.   

A dog is supposed to be a blessing to your home, and not a burden.  I personally live a very busy life.  I do not have the time to be running dogs with weak immune systems and chronic health issues back and forth to the vet.  It is far wiser to cull dogs with health issues, and avoid those types of inconveniences for myself, as well as my future customers, as much as possible.  Because of this, most people that buy one of our puppies love it, and it has a forever home with them.  This loved puppy will then have a wonderful life, with the family that so cherishes it.  This is my end goal: To produce puppies that make people happy to own them and want to keep them.


Through rigorous selection, DSK puppies are getting better and better with every generation.  It does not happen overnight.  You have to refuse to go with the flow, and be diligent on details.  There is so much that goes into breeding a dog that has a wonderful disposition, perfect conformation, great intelligence, awesome looks, and the WOW FACTOR that causes people to stop and ask you about him or her.     




“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras


What is an Olde English Bulldogge?  

The Olde English Bulldogge is a very hearty breed. It is a recreation of the ancient Roman day Bulldog. This courageous bulldog was a protector, hunter, and family companion, and was commonly used for the sport of bull baiting and bull catching. Olde English  Bulldogges were the bulldog of yesterday and are the healthy Bulldog of today!  Through selective breeding, DSK has created a modern but healthy bulldog, with a temperament that is second to none for todays family!  This is the standard of a true Olde English Bulldogge. Bred intentionally for health, temperament, companionship, and athletic ability they are free-breathers, natural breeders, and natural whelpers. They have the speed, power, and agility of a working dog, however are content to sleep at your feet as you watch TV. My dogs can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees above and 50 degrees below 0. If you would like a wonderful Bulldog companion, then DSK has what you want!

" The Olde English Bulldogge is a breed that is one in a million. Instead of developing the breed for a specific look, color pattern or size, it was developed for health, ability and temperament. It was bred to better an existing breed and this goal has been accomplished with great results and generations of healthy canines to prove it...They make amazingly great pets and are devoted and loyal. They adjust very well to all lifestyles ranging from a single-person apartment to a large family on a big farm...All in all, they are a great pet and excellent and devoted friend."   
 Continental Kennel Club, January, 2004, Breed of the Month report

Included are some old photos of the early Bulldogs


“You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'Wow, you're right! I never would've thought of that!” 
Dave Barry

All our Olde English Bulldogges are dual registered with the two leading registries for this breed.
The International Olde English Bulldogge Association and the Continental Kennel Club.



Contact Jim Caraway @ K-9 Masters  Dog Academy

for all of your dog training needs!

Ph. 214-558-1207





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