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Thank you for visiting DSK Bulldogs.  When we first began with these dogs, there were only a handful of breeders.  Our legacy, and quality of bulldogs have stood the test of time.  This peaceful and loving breed has been a part of our family all of these years, and once you have one you will understand why.  These dogs are the best family dog that I have ever encountered.  Our bulldogs are very hearty. You will not be making trips back and forth to the vet with these dogs with constant problems.  Our bulldogs are able to breed naturally, whelp puppies naturally, and make exceptional pets and family guardians. We breed our bulldogs first and foremost for health and temperament. We also x-ray the hips of all of our breeding stock, and improved joint structure is paramount. From day one in our breeding program, we have bred away from the issues that plague the modern day English Bulldog such as Hip dysplasia, Cherry Eye, and Demodex Mange. This has resulted in a superior bulldog that we have become known to produce. These bulldogs have such great temperaments, they are very quickly becoming one of the greatest family bulldogs around! My bulldogs can withstand hot and cold temperatures, unlike the AKC English Bulldogs. These truly are great looking bulldogs without the health problems. My goal is to produce the healthiest bulldogs possible. At DRAGONSLAYER KENNELS, we are known for bulldogs with BIG HEADS, CHESTS, BONE, AND MUSCLES! We specialize in low, wide, bullys that have that special WOW FACTOR that draws a crowd. For this reason, DRAGONSLAYER KENNELS IS KNOWN AS HAVING “THE FREAKIEST BULLDOGS ON THE PLANET!!" 


"One person with passion is better than 40 who are merely interested."  - Tom Connellan


All our Olde English Bulldogges are dual registered with the two leading registries for this breed.
The International Olde English Bulldogge Association and the Continental Kennel Club.




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